This page is Administer log write. this log file writting first day: 2017-03-22. tesstting web~. *2016/12/25 : startting web hosting day webhostting.( reference: *2016/12/28 : make success page view on webhostting day reference: before, I study about web throught this web site. (Apache Tomcat;, (; @TheApacheTomcat) and I use. webhostting.( +1st : use JQuery mobile.( JQuery mobile. --1st web testting. *2017/01/06 :1st starting test. *Occur problem. *2017/01/09: SSL problem my comment: I delete log in form. I no use, person information.I know today, this fact. about, I delete form tag reference article(Korea language but use translate(in blog naver, possible translate to English.)):"> Nowatime, I have not any person information, in Here( *2017/01/13: SSL problem my comment: If possible missunderstanding, so I make comment, request form. *2017/02/05: my comment: Open Source, this web site, source. according before my write. and I use JQuery I reference that site: +2nd : starting, Adobe program. ( -- may be test version. 30days. Adobe program use. DreamWeaver. --2nd web testting. *2017/02/28: 2nd starting test. Link make : Move a web page: Testting web information system2 +3rd : use Adobe program. ( I use dictionaly on internet. (reference: starting use day:2017/03/08 used picture, reference that web site.( used JQuery Mobile.( I study to this web site. -- starting use day: I study, this website( -- studing first day:2017/03/15 --3rd web testting. *2017/03/06: 3rd starting test. -Link make : Move a web page: Testting web information system3 my comment: I leared method, Used that way(link). ( Korean language. my comment2: How to make, Web page or How to make web Programming, so I going to someday, writing this parts.Thank you. *2017/03/08 -Link make : Move a web page: Testting web information system4 my comment: 4th information website testting. And I use dictionaly on internet. (reference: Thank you. *2017/03/09 -Link make : Move a web page: Testting web information system4-1 my comment: 4th information website testting. CSS design, replay, so link that making. I use, this program. DreamWeaver. (reference: *2017/03/12 -Link make : Move a web page : Testting web information system4-2 CSS TESTTING. my comment: 4th information website testting. css testting. so link making. *2017/03/13 -Link make : Move a web page : Testting web information system5. my comment: 4th information website testting. css testting. so link making. my opinion, Divine web page. Now is long page.but better later try to this than now do this. So, long height. for Example, next room and next room. Now time. I try to, planning Design throught, use this program, Photoshop(reference: Text size in CSS file(style3.css). that pixel compare Photoshop, That is possible I think that. Thank you. Watch my website. and I hope you, make better information system using workplace, throught My web site, so better working, convinience, before than. I try to make web parts;planning make.I study that web site. (reference: -Link make : Move a web page : Testting web information system5. my comment2: 5th information website testting. Simple feature, make try. GOOD LUCK. *Rewrite, 2017-03-15. my comment3: 1. 2. I learned, Adobe, how-to create-responsive-navigation-menu. *2017/03/15 -Link make : Move a web page: Testting web information system6. my comment: I study, this website( reDesign, webpage. I try to that, ul, li tag use, Jquery going to use. -Link make : Move a web page: Testting web information system7. my comment2: and redesign, ul tag, li tag, Jquery going to use. Thank you. -Link make : Move a web page: Jquery Excise. *2017/03/16 -Link make : Move a web page: Jquery Excise.2 my comment: I study, this website(, jquery use( reDesign, webpage. *2017/03/17 my comment: JQuery, I studied. and my comment: Korea language ( -Link make :Testting web information system8. my comment2: I focusid html tag shorty. *2017/03/19 -Link make :Move a web page: Testting web information system9, study Jquery Mobile. my comment: I study JQuery Mobile.( *2017/03/21 -Link make :Move a web page: Testting web information system10, study Jquery Mobile and css my comment: I study JQuery Mobile.( and css css design study. *2017/03/23 -File make: Jquery I Study, make html file. ( *2017/03/24 -File make: Jquery I Study, make html file. ( *2017/03/29 -Link make : Servlet test. ( my comment: Database(DBMS;DataBase Management System) connect, throughout Java class file. use Servlet. use Apache Tomcat ( reference: memo www/WEB-INF/web.xml Hello HelloServlet Hello /Hello do HelloServlet do *.do www/WEB-INF/classes/ import*; import java.text.*; import java.util.*; import javax.servlet.*; import javax.servlet.http.*; public class HelloServlet extends HttpServlet{ public void doGet(HttpServletRequest request,HttpServletResponse response)throws IOException, ServletException{ response.setContentType("text/html"); PrintWriter out = response.getWriter(); out.println(""); out.println(""); out.println("Request URI: " + request.getRequestURI()); out.println("
"); out.println(""); Enumeration e = request.getHeaderNames(); while (e.hasMoreElements()) { String headerName = (String)e.nextElement(); String headerValue = request.getHeader(headerName); out.println(""); } out.println("
"); out.println(HTMLFilter.filter(headerName)); out.println(""); out.println(HTMLFilter.filter(headerValue)); out.println("
"); out.println("
"); out.println(new java.util.Date()); out.println(""); out.println(""); } } and www/WEB-INF/classes/, compile, make, www/WEB-INF/classes/HelloServlet.class reference: *2017/03/29 -Link make : Database connect test. Testting, database connect. study, reference: *2017/04/04 -Link make : renewal webpage. make index webpage. *2017/04/06 -Link maked : person communite (, may be 2days ago maked link.(I forget it.) Important information system for workplace, and I think about person to information, likely man-to-information. expression information to user, so re-make information for user. and practice, re-make method. so I make 'person communite' link. Thank you. -Link make : information system for work -1 *2017/04/07 -Link make : information system for work -2 *2017/04/12 -Link make : D3.js study test by myself page. *2017/04/14 -Link make : by Jquery ui module solution, test. by jquery module, plan ui module solution test. -am 2:00~ : comment, link, 'by Jquery ui module solution, test.' going to testting. so may be roof. reboot browser. Sorry. *2017/04/15 -delete Link : D3.js study test by myself page. -delete Link : Servlet test. *2017/04/17 -Link rename : module solution, test. by Jquery ui -> by jQuery, Learning throught my module. I excised, jqeury, method each(). *2017/04/20 -Link make: php test. php file test. just end test. (delete link.) -delete Link: php test. *2017/04/20 session make.- Link: by Jquery ui module solution, test. reference: *2017/04/25 I make gif file, adobe animate CC used. and I apology, upload animation, on site. I delete that. Cause I learn animation, for work method announce. After, I carefully use, information on the website. *2017/04/26 make a claim parts, little. I use little, google language translate; *2017/04/26 announce, Link - information system for work-2(2017/04/07~) and work cliame contents, now a time, If A-1 room planning, possible contents out that(to the work claim parts). *2017/04/27 -Link make: by pusher, Learning and test.;pusher, This is realtime messge alraming API. I leaning, test. *2017/04/30 My announce: I check list make, into claim parts, input and check That I going to. Another world events similar that, but I not writting this log. Thank you. *2017/05/01 -Link make: another WebSite, another website, web development study. This web site, hosting JSP(Java Server Page). so, Server file in host, Apache Tomcat. before I don't know PHP. JSP or PHP, so I try to normal host, PHP. Bootstrap, so I think need to re-build before making to ver17. so I going to study bootstrap. realtime messaging, need PHP(my conclution). this include, more thing bootstrap. this web build(ver17), not comforting development enviroment; I thinked. so, bootstrap use, re-build, I going to. ver17; *2017/04/07 -Link make : information system for work -2 Thank you, Guest. Cause Watching my Website. -Link make: information system for work-3(2017/05/01~) information system for work, ver17-2. rebuild website. Thank you. *2017/05/06 I delete, this sentence(sentence1) my website. sentence1, START:

reWrite 2017/05/04, add this article: 저작자의 허가없이 이 사이트의 상업적용도로서의 웹디자인, 표식등의 무단 사용을 금합니다., ; Not checked author, not allowed commercial use anyway, In this site; Web Design, mark.,

:sentence1, END. sentence1, possible cracked letter. because, txt file and KOREAN language(creaked letter). I use, Creative Commens License(reference:, to this Website(, I wish good work, better work place likely anybody. throught information system. This website, I hope help somebody, in the world. likely anybody. *2017/05/09 I delete, this sentence(sentence1) my website. Because, Creatibe Commons Lisence. sentence1, START:

and, no commerce use this web site. open source, not a price, now a time.

but, use anyway, please attach this web site domain name.(write reference please.)

:sentence1, END. *2017/05/13 My Comment: I carefully, handling licensing on use website,, I leraning about method that, copyright on website. so, I fix sentence in website(, Thank you. My Comment2: And Licensing writing on website, I going to another web page(not a root page.) to in. Thank you for watching. *2017/05/19 My Comment: Hello~. I rewrite use program licencing on and It possible some late upload webpage, I going to rebuilding web site.( Different source code on github and web site, Fast update way is github, so, possibly this way -> use github, this address: Thank you. *2017/06/03 My Comment: Hello~. I going to rebuild Web application. so, May be possible, disapire not find url address, This estimate period: 3h~3day. Starting time a week ago. Come to guess notice period. So, I may be starting, this plan, 2017-06-10. That day, I going to rebuilding. If bad case, breaking this web service. *2017/06/11 My Comment: Tiring day, Need resting, so I don't do like way, refixing. It's next way to me. Reference: *2017/10/26 : Before date error, 2017/12/25 log, 2017/12/28 log. -> I change date, 2016/12/25, 2016/12/28. So, I change before date.Before, I don't know my mistake, latest, I founded date wrong. So, Today I change, wrong date. That refix possible reason, I watching, my twitts, Today, I use twitter. And some, feeling good condition, so I possible, this work. Thank you. Thank you, watching my website. *2017/12/14 : Another, address, maked. Confused. Change work, 12/15~12/26. Thank you, watching my website. *2017/12/27 : JSON and nodejs and making. reference: and org site, yet, after making. Thank you. *2018-01-01 : Happy new year. and I make vue.js, renewal website, diary work. and this, language, Korean. vuejs, Diarly Work System, Korean language. Thank you. *2018-01-04 : 1., Website Side link, anchor, upside down change. 2. ver21, page name 'working' on. Thank you, watching. *2018-01-05 : I don't understand, may be stress, github on writting licensing. and headache, today, so make some git, privating. My opinion, public share information, for better work place, but some hard way, feeling. Need rest to myself. Thank you, your watch out. *2018-11-05 : Today, repair this website. Now no money, so hard days. long term. after, buy programing tool, retrying. Thank you for your patient.